I am predominately a large format photographic artist who prefers to work within the methodical and contemplative confines of the view camera.  My images are made with gelatin silver-halide-based film and then, depending on the type of emotion I want to convey to the audience, printed on various mediums. I develop and print all of my images by hand in my Lab one at a time.

My main printing mediums are commercially available gelatin silver-based paper, hand-coated platinum/palladium paper, and hand-coated albumen silver paper.  I prefer to produce contact prints in lieu of enlargements due to the sensibility and character they exhibit, which is quite unique in the modern world of inkjet prints.  However, when I deem that the final expression demands such procedures, I do make enlargements on gelatin silver paper.  Each print is washed, toned, and mounted by archival methods.

“Janet” – 8×10 Albumen Contact Print