Featured Artist Karel Mikolas

Karel was born in Prague in 1939 in the Czech Republic, back then a part of Czechoslovakia. His family has an uninterrupted history of over 300 years as skilled craftsmen, making and designing objects of beauty in virtually any material. At the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, he spent six years studying to be a classical monumental sculptor, working on the side in a fine-art foundry.

He opened his first studio in Prague and became a glass luminary upon graduation. There he orchestrated and trained a six-man team to perform harmoniously in the creation of his sculptures. His drinking glasses were prototypes for trade shows and best sellers in homes. “It’s such a sublime profession that you have to honor it; you have to caress it,” he says. “You’re not just sculpting glass; you’re sculpting light.”

“But I have a good word of encouragement for everybody who will follow the path after I am gone: Never give up, keep on working, keep on trucking and keep on rehearsing. You will be good. Everything will be good, and maybe one day there will be peace on earth.” – KAREL MIKOLAS.

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