“…I wanted to say that the profession is strictly a vehicle for self discovery, so all the things what I make is basically crutches to figure out where my leg grows from or whatever I do on the universe.  You know, the Shakespearean question to be or not to be, and all that heavy stuff. But I have a good word of encouragement for everybody who will follow the path after I am gone: Never give up, keep on working, keep on trucking and keep on rehearsing. You will be good.   Everything will be good, and maybe one day there will be peace on earth.”

KEVIN BROAD, painter

Kevin Broad, Division, Oil on Canvas, 100 x 138, 2018

“My inspiration fuels the belief that risk and guesswork will reveal new possibilities. For me, art is a constant process of experimentation without fear or repression, with the potential of bringing forth new forms.”


Brian Gormley, 24 x 18, 2019

“I always wanted to be an archaeologist, but I decided to excavate myself instead. I express myself through shapes and colors as an intuitive improvisation of my own vocabulary.”