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Jesus Christ
Combined technique, 1990

An eminent Montenegrin and Croatian painter, sculptor, art critic and philosopher born in Montenegro in 1951, Popovic graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 1976. Popović’s works (drawings, prints, paintings, and sculptures) evolved thematically and technically through different phases, mostly inspired by Leonardo’s drawings, surrealism, Ivan Meštrović’s sculptures etc.

During his residence in Paris in 1974 Popović’s exhibits his work at the Alexander Braumüller gallery with the paintings of Salvador Dalí, Ernst Fuchs, Leonor Fini, Mati Klarwein, Victor Brauner and Miodrag Djuric – Dado (painter), another distinguished artist from Montenegro.

The Liberty Gallery and Universal Fine Arts of Washington prepared in 1982 a combined exhibition of prints and other graphic works of Dalí and Popović in Pforzheim. During the celebration of the 400th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci (1982), Dimitrije Popović exhibited in Palazzo Sormani in Milano a cycle of drawings entitled “Omaggio a Leonardo”.

Dimitrije Popović had about 60 solo exhibitions and participated in over 150 group exhibitions and art manifestations of other kind. He lives and works in Croatia.